Customisable Hi-Fi Equipment Rack

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Customisable Hi-Fi Equipment Rack
  • Shelves customisable as follows: material; finish; colour; area; spacing; number.
  • Pillars machined from T316, stainless steel - no chrome plating.
  • Optional: locking floor spikes or pads (all adjustable).
  • Locally made.

Product background:

"What do you recommend to put my hi fi on?" (or words to that effect). It seems a simple question, but I found that the racks available to the Australian market were either not good enough to recommend, or were excellent but suffering the effects of a long and complicated supply chain ("distance tax").

Prior to now, I have suggested the following alternatives: Naim "Fraim", Avid "Isorak" and various products by the famous Quadraspire... All have merits, and I do not retract or dispute the positive commentary about them.

Meanwhile, cheaper alternatives - mainly from China - often fail to provide what one might call 'pleasure of ownership.'

So, I felt there was justification to make something new - and thus be able to control quality while bypassing middle-men, shipping & import fees, and other waste. This approach means more money in the pockets of both the customer and the maker.


Equipment not included.


For the pillars, I've used expensive, 'marine grade' stainless steel instead of the usual painted, or chrome plated cheap metal. Stainless steel is more expensive, true, but can retain its appearance for centuries - ideal for a 'buy it once' product. There are environmental benefits, too.

For the (standard) shelves I've chosen MDF, but rather than applying a superficial veneer, or a painted finish, I've borrowed a technique used by some interior designers. As a result, these shelves will be easier to touch up in future years (whereas chipped veneer and paint are often irredeemable). Other materials: glass, marine-ply, and aluminium are available by custom order.

I'm confident you'll agree that this rack is of equal if not superior quality to more expensive, foreign products. In addition, you may be pleased that most of your investment will stay in this country.

For further information, or to arrange a viewing, please click/tap here. In the meantime, thank you for reading.

Craig Salter.

Note to vinyl lovers: this rack is made in reference to recommendations by Linn Products Ltd and Rega Research; in standard form it is a superior quality support for your Rega or Linn turntable. However, for the especially fanatical owner, I'll be pleased to provide a further optimised 'cost-no-object' version.

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