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Do you sell only Linn?
Do you sell goods by mail, or over the internet?
Do you install items into structures, EG in-wall/ceiling speakers, wiring, etc?
Where are you located?
Care of vinyl and stylus

Brand Specific, Linn:

What do you provide in relation to Linn Products?
Where can I obtain assistance outside Victoria?
Will you help with a warrantied item purchased elsewhere?
Preparing a Linn Sondek for transit
Can you service a non-Linn turntable?
Do you sell Linn parts over the counter, or by mail?
Do you install and optimise items obtained elsewhere?
Can I mail you a turntable for service?
Do you sell any Linn products by mail?
Is there a quote or 'minimum' fee?
Must I spend a King's ransom to upgrade my Sondek LP12?
Do you install third party (non-Linn) items?
Are you an authorised dealer?
Questions about Linn, the company


Do you sell racks for hi fi equipment?

Terms and Conditions of Service:

Please click/tap (here) to view Terms and Conditions of Service, which apply to all transactions.


Linn Sondek LP12

















Q. Do you only sell Linn?
A. No, but when I choose products to supply and support, I apply the sound quality criteria used at Linn during product development (discussed elsewhere) as well as double blind testing (a method traditionally used by orchestra directors to avoid 'expectation bias' and 'confirmation bias'). Other makers, who's products often score highly in this testing, include: ATC, Creek, Densen, Dynavector, Hiquphon, Mogami, Naim Audio, Rega, Scan Speak, and some others. Of these, I can supply all but Naim Audio.





Q. Do you sell goods by mail, or over the internet?
A. I'm afraid not because that would prevent me fully assuring the quality of the end result.





Q. Do you install items into structures, EG in-wall/ceiling speakers, wiring, etc?
A. Not at this time, sorry, but please let me know you came here looking for that.





Q. Where are you located?
A. Mentone, Melbourne. (Address and directions provided with appointment.)





Q. Enquiries
Please note that sales & service are limited to the Melbourne area. Other exclusions are described elsewhere on this page. To send an enquiry, please click/tap here. I look forward to your message.





Q. Care of vinyl and stylus
For a comprehensive statement on this topic, please click/tap here.





Q. Preparing a Linn Sondek for transit...
For the transit preparation procedure, click here.





Q. What do you provide in relation to Linn Products?

Analogue Source (Sondek LP12)

Level of support: Speciality.
I provide service, repairs and upgrades for the LP12, as well as custom new construction using authentic Linn sourced components [examples]. I also supply, assemble and set up factory serial numbered LP12s. Quality of advice, work and service meets or exceeds the highest standard set by this manufacturer. However, due to the time and effort I apply to this particular work, and the way in which I deal with my valued LP12 clients, I regret I am unable to 'price match.'

Digital Source (DS, DSM)

Level of support: Partial.
I recommend Linn DS/DSM to those who must use a digital source and require the highest fidelity possible. While I have over ten years experience with Linn's analogue players, I have only dealt with Linn's digital products since late 2014.

Amplification and Speakers

Level of support: Standard.
In this category I provide sales and support equivalent to the average Linn dealer in Britain.

Legacy products

I provide generous exchange allowances for legacy Linn equipment.





Q. Can you help with a non-Linn turntable?
A. If it's a Rega, yes.





Q. Do you sell Linn parts over the counter, or by mail?
A. I'm afraid not, but you might obtain what you need from a conventional retailer. A global database is provided at the Linn website.





Q. Do you install and optimise items obtained elsewhere?
A. I provide both the product(s) and my 'know how' as a package. This allows me to a) assure the best sonic outcome for the customer and b) assure an adequate financial reward for my efforts.





Q. Do you sell racks for hi fi equipment?
A. Yes - for details, please Click/tap here.





Q. Where can I obtain service outside Victoria?
A. Linn's appointed representation in Australia is Advance Audio Australia. They can refer you to your nearest service provider, suggest an alternative, or otherwise advise you.





Q. Do you sell any items by mail?
A. I'm afraid not because that would prevent me assuring the quality of end result at the client premises.





Q. Can I mail you a turntable for service?
A. Unfortunately not. The particular foibles of the LP12 make it unsuitable for service-by-mail. Also, I need to be sure that the outcome (sound quality in customer's home) meets the standard I am working to.





Q. Is there a quote or 'minimum' fee?
A. If your LP12 has not been here before, then the starting point is a detailed inspection report. It takes approximately 60-90 minutes to properly inspect and test a Linn LP12, tonearm, and cartridge, for which there is a $90 contingency fee. The fee is waived when work is done pursuant to the inspection report.





Q. Must I spend a King's ransom on new Linn parts in order to hear an improvement?
A. Not usually. I have found that almost every LP12 brought here for the first time has been improvable even without replacing parts. Very often the turntable was not set up optimally; correction of various issues can produce a dramatic improvement in sound quality. Regarding Linn upgrades for LP12: these are priced from the low hundreds and, if properly installed and adjusted, they do deliver what Linn claim (more enjoyment from your records!)





Q. Do you install third party (non-Linn) items?
A. Yes, if they meet Linn's standards for fidelity, long term enjoyability, and durability. Unfortunately, most don't. In fact, most of the so-called 'audiophile grade' products aimed at LP12 owners merely change the sound rather than truly improve it, and some actually diminish overall fidelity.

Details: When I test a product here, I start with an LP12 that is in perfect condition, and is optimally set up to begin with. Therefore, the 'before and after' result becomes a function of the candidate item only, rather than a combination of candidate item + collateral factors (for example; intentionally or accidentally improving some aspect of setup during installation of the candidate item).

Another crucial point is the definition of 'better.' In assessing the performance of any item intended to be used within a Linn product, or system, I apply Linn's own quality criteria (centred on musical aspects, and a technique Linn call "Tunedem").

Last, but not least: most of my clients come here for service specifically because they want things attended to with the same rigour as would be applied by Linn themselves.





Q. Will you help with a warranty covered item purchased elsewhere?
A. If you provide the serial number, I will see what can be done. Alternatively, you might approach Linn's local representative: Advance Audio Australia.





Q. Are you an authorised Linn dealer?
A. Yes. I have +10 years experience with Linn products (LP12, covering all product variations 1973-present). I am registered with Linn, and their local representative - Advance Audio Australia - as "promusica," which is my legal trading name in Australia. The address of this website is





For questions about Linn, the company...
Please contact Linn (via their website). Meanwhile, Linn's national representative is: Advance Audio Australia.












Terms and Conditions of Service

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. By arranging service to your product, or enquiring about the purchase of a product, you agree to the following:

Geographical limit
Sales and service are limited to the Melbourne area.

Drop offs, pick ups, and all other visits
Are by appointment only. However, with sufficient notice I can be available at almost any time, on any day.

Sound test of equipment post works
Naturally, I confirm the sound quality of equipment post works before contacting you. However, you agree that when you arrive to collect the equipment, I will demonstrate the performance of it, and show that various items are present and intact. In other words, there are no 'boxed and ready to go' pick-ups.

Instruction for home setup
Some equipment, especially vinyl players, are sensitive to how final installation is done in the home. Where applicable, you agree to install and setup the equipment at your premises according to manufacturer advice that I convey to you, whether that advice be given in person, or in the form of a document, or over the phone; and you further agree to excuse myself from blame should the product fail to perform properly as a result of your non-adherence to the advice (although I would, of course, try to remedy what ever has happened).

Delivery and setup at your home
Is sometimes available as a billed option. The fee is sometimes waived, depending on circumstances.

Inspection fees
Inspection fees are waived if work is carried out pursuant to the results of the inspection report.

Source of parts, components
With the exception of products by Hercules (new only) and Naim Audio (new or certified re-manufactured by Naim) I do not install items purchased, or otherwise obtained, elsewhere.

Labour charges
Labour is calculated, or waived, depending on the circumstances of the job. By default, I provide an estimate in advance. A formal quotation is available on request.

Right of Refusal
I reserve the right to refuse service and/or supply.

Unclaimed or abandoned property
Unless by prior, mutual agreement, property left here in excess of 6 months will be disposed of.





Name: Craig Salter.

Timeline, prior to 2009: For several years, beginning in the late 1980s, I worked in the service departments of two Linn retailers (UK, AU) specialising in analogue play back systems (Linn and Rega). I later left the Hi Fi industry, for a time, to work at Apple Computers Ltd.

2009: After moving to Melbourne, Australia, I offered owners of Linn and Rega vinyl players independent, specialist service.

2011: Moved to current premises in Mentone, Victoria, to continue the above and develop 'own brand' products.

2012: Introduction of custom made electronics for studio and demanding home users (first product was/is a line-level, analogue crossover tailored to specific speakers).

2014: Promusica becomes a Linn dealer in Australia; this rubber stamped the defacto situation from 2009.

2015: Range of supported Linn products is expanded.

2016: Introduction of Custom Hi-Fi Racks.


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