With a Linn DS or DSM music system, the digital data on your CDs is carefully saved (bit-for-bit) to computer Hard Disk Drive. This reflects how music data is handled in the studio, where optical disk systems are not as trusted as HDD for consistently precise data recall.

During future playback, the DS/DSM accesses the previously verified, pure data, and feeds it to the on-board, Linn designed DAC - this is where most of the sound quality benefit occurs within Linn DS. (Demonstrations by appointment - why not bring your current digital player and some familiar CDs?)

If you purchase a Linn DS product here, you will be offered personalised assistance with the transition from CD to HDD.

It's unlikely you'll ever want to go back to a CD player after you've experienced the DS difference - it's not just the sonic advantage, either. With your music safely stored on HDD, you can browse your music collection from your smart-phone, tablet, or from the computer on which the music is stored. In the case of a DSM, volume adjustment, input switching, and on/off can also be performed remotely via an appropriate phone or tablet.

BTW: 'DSM' describes a DS player combined with either a preamp or pre & power combination, all contained within a single structure.

The final, more elusive ingredient: to obtain full value from your investment, expert installation and after sales care by a Linn specialist are essential. In all respects, you're in the right place here.